Love the smell and taste of warm, freshly baked bread? We do too.
We bake our breads, rolls, cookies and pies fresh everyday in our ovens.

On the sweeter side we have a large variety of delectable choices for you.
We are thrilled to offer you some of the most delicious cheese cakes, pies, and ‘mini bites’ of
a variety of sweets as well as some mouth watering chocolate covered confections we’ve dreamed up.
Of course we always have cakes for those special occasions in your life.
Just ask our bakers and they will be more than happy to personalize your choice.

Bring in your favorite photo and we can scan it onto your cake! Call ahead
and we can have a full, half or quarter cake ready for you.

Try some of the wonderful assorted pasteries from Henry’s Market, now available in select
Crosby’s Marketplace locations. We now carry a selection of cakes, pies, cookies and other
assorted sweets to enjoy. The fresh, famous, homemade quality of Henry’s Market sweets are now
at your local Crosby’s!