Crosby’s Markets is committed to the people and the communities in which we serve.
These communities have supported us and we believe in giving back to our patrons and team members.
We want to help your town flourish.
We understand that sometimes a little help is needed in order to accomplish this.

To ensure that each and every group has an opportunity to raise funds we have taken the following steps:

  • Crosby’s practices a system of rotated giving. This means that if Crosby’s donates to your organization one year, we may be unable to donate again the following year in order to assist others.
  • Requests must be submitted FOUR WEEKS in advance on your organization’s letterhead.
  • No phone, faxed or emailed requests will be accepted at this time. Please submit your request at any Crosby’s location with the store manager in person or by mail.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot grant every request as we receive more requests for support than we can possibly fund. Since we feel that each request for support are all worthwhile endeavors we encourage you to sign up for our Community Commitment Program. This program donates 5% of all purchases made by your supporters during designated weeks back to your organization.It is a great way to raise funds by simply shopping!

    For any further information, please visit your local Crosby’s and ask to speak to the Store Manager.